Alarm Lock

Alarm lock


DL2800 Trilogy® Economical
Audit Trail Cylindrical Lock
• 150 scheduled events, including 4 “quick
schedules” for programming the 4
most common time schedules in
one step
• 200 user codes including: Master, manager,
supervisor and basic user. Also one-time entry
service code
• 1000 event audit trail with time/date stamp for a
printable record of door access activity by user
(Use T3 Accessories to collect audit trail)
• Programmable relays energize when one or more
selected events occur
• 4 time-out functions allow a user to enable other
users or unlock the lock for some time period
without needing to return to the lock
• Easy to install in about an hour. Retrof ts most
cylindrical locksets and digital locks
• Battery operated; uses 5 AA batteries