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Getting Keys Cut at Big Box

     If you do a search on the internet for where to get a key cut and you get a variety of different answers. Most of the answers are Wal-Mart, Lowes, or Home Depot. I am not sure what drives this other than convince because a Locksmith shop is your best bet. Our prices, as most think at a locksmith shop, is competitive with the big box store and locksmiths shops keep their machines calibrated more often and are able to cut keys much faster than other stores due to their experience and knowledge of locks and keys.

       Transponder keys are the same thing and we as Locksmiths spend lots of money to keep up with the ever changing technology to be able to do the keys. Most locksmith shops can do transponder keys cheaper than the dealers and competitively priced with any other big box retailer that gets someone from the paint department or some other department to cut them.

     Locksmiths are experienced with locks and keys and also have a lot of experience and knowledge to help keep your family safe. We as Locksmith sell quality locks not the watered down versions that you can buy for $3.00 somewhere and have to replace it in 3 months. With the average price of a house being in the $100,000 range and including all your belongings and electronics to protect, how much do you want to spend you locks to keep your family and your belongings safe?