C and E Lock and Safe IS YOUR RENTAL REALLY SAFE! – C & E Lock & Safe Inc.


A tenant expects their home to be safe. Your landlord is responsible for providing your tenants with a secure place to reside. Don’t be afraid to ask, “Did you have the locks changed on this property from the last tenants”.

As a tenant you should feel safe inside your apartment or home. This means you should ensure all doors and windows are properly secured and have appropriate working locks. All front doors should, at the very least, have a deadbolt lock.

You should also make sure no one else has a key to the house or apartment. Your landlord should always change the locks once a prior tenant moves out and before a new one moves in.

If you want to monitor who comes in to do service on anything in your rented property add a security camera to see who has been there and what they did while there.

If you manage rental properties give us a call and we will ensure your tenants are safe and secure.