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Know Who you are dealing with!!

Don’t be mislead by a fancy ad or website listing. Do your looking for a reputable locksmith company before you need one don’t wait until you need one and then frantically search for one and get the call center. You will wish you had looked ahead of time, I promise.

In today’s world of internet searches and no shortage of websites listing business you have to know who you are dealing with. If you do a search online for a locksmith or any phrase related to locksmithing you can get many choices to call. Some of them advertise that their prices start from this but could be higher for different reason. This should be a red flag and you need to find another locksmith to call.

We can give you a price as to what things cost before we ever schedule you for us to come out. There is no vague or misleading wording in anything we price or do.

I research the locksmith searches often and usually find no shortage of websites that go to call centers that usually look like local numbers and have names that sound like local businesses. There is even one listed at the NorthWest Arkansas Mall, which there is not.