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Not Reputable Locksmiths

This is happening right here in NorthWest Arkansas. We have had people call to price check after they have had some lock work or a door opened and was charged $180.00 just for a lock out. DO NOT PAY THESE PEOPLE!!! Check for and find a local locksmith that you know and is part of this area and put their number in your phone. If they show up in an unmarked vehicle tell them to leave and get someone else. There are several web sites that show on a locksmith search that are not local and all go to a call center and the same website with a different web address same design. If they state that the pricing starts at such and such price ask more questions. They will usually give you a low starting price and then pile on after they get there.
Don’t be scammed!!!

Don’t be their victim do your homework and have a reputable locksmith already in your phone to avoid this problem. These people are not locksmiths as this news channel keeps calling them. If they were they would not be taking advantage of people like they are.